When an outside door or a wooden portal began to be damaged because of the bad weather and maybe also has holes, not necessarily have to be immediately replaced: with a bit of time and energy, you can put it back in again. In fact, you can turn to those pertaining to renovate your door or, if you are able restoring yourself by following this simple guide.

The first thing to point out is the choice of box folding bathtub. The most common are those with 3 doors and those with 4 doors. There will be oriented on the box with 3 doors in a rectangular tank 170x70cm if at least one of the two short sides is covered by 70cm from the wall. This will mount on the wall of the short side and its Fusion will be to cover the long side (as in the photo of the introduction). If you have interest to cover the short side and the long side you will purchase a box with 4 doors so as to form an ‘L’, as in the figure below. Choose your box according to your type of tank and also your style, there are various styles of boxes that fit your decor.


In the box of the box there will be a profile with the shape of ‘U’. We support the profile on the wall and we put it in with the spirit level bubble to mount the box in the right way. In the profile, there are usually two -hole, which will lead us. Once placed on the wall profile, with a pencil, make a mark on the wall through the two holes. Get the drill pierces the height of the signs and freshly made. Remember to use a drill for concrete is not too large compared to the dowel. You will be more comfortable enlarge the hole later rather than risk after patching.

Now insert the dowel into the hole, leaning back on the wall and locks the profile with screws. Bathtub Now take the box and insert the gasket at the base of the box in the same space. The gasket is to go out of the water, both to take the box while still doing the shower. But especially when you will want to fold the box toward the short to possibly do the bathroom. The seal, using the friction with the hot, still held the doors folded.