The windows of our homes are exposed to the weather and the sun constantly and is therefore a just consequence that, like everything else outside, with the passage of time tend to become damaged and many times, aesthetically, really unwatchable. First of all are the wooden shutters . These fixtures, in fact, give an aesthetic touch to a palace or a villa really very special, but you have to take care of them to avoid giving the impression of fascination. rule main is therefore a good and continuous maintenance of their surface with specific products. But how smooth the shutters in case of a wider restructuring? ‘s not very difficult. In a few moves, will come back new.

The first step is, of course, the disassemble. sanding is impossible to think of leaving the shutters hung on the balcony, or worse, to the window. So, armed with easels on which to place the shutters of wood and thanks to which you will be able to work pinwheels around. continue at this point with stripping because before polishing is essential to remove the old paint and glazes from the shutter so as to make it again “naked.” This operation is performed using the simple emery cloth, but in case one needs of sverniciarle totally, then you can use the products in gel strip . This gel will be coated with a brush on the entire surface of the shutter, waiting a few minutes so that it is absorbed and then continuing with the removal of all using a spatula glass and paper.


If you use this last system, always at the end, sanding well and the recommendation is to use gloves and a mask to prevent it from coming into contact with materials that could annoy the skin or breathing. done this, you have to give a consistent look with the surface of the stucco . Let me explain: if the blinds have holes, put in every hole stucco by removing the excess with a spatula. In this way, the surface will be, as already said, all the same and without imperfections. Once the grout will dry (approximately 24 hours) of each point revise the sandpaper.

The last steps are easy and less tiring because they consist in the brush the wooden shutter with the impregnate This will be the first real step that will get a good sanding of wooden shutters . This is a product that acts on the wood protecting it from the elements and, since the use of external shutters, it is virtually essential to elapse a couple of brush always waiting for them to dry completely before proceeding to the final painting.
Ideally definitely spray paint is easy to use, it is very omegna when splash and it is also faster to apply in comparison with paint and brush. Finally, apply polish fixtures that not only will tend to protect the wood of the shutter, but primarily has the task to polish and fix the paint so as not to scrape it in the blink of an eye. enamel should apply it at least two times, always with the system after it is dried, the previous pass. Behold, at this point, the shutters of wood as they were new and donate once more liveliness to the external appearance of the building.