The time, the use in opening and closing of a door inner wood, suddenly, may lead to a problematic of off-square. Why is this happening? The reasons are more than one. Maybe the wood has swollen , causing a slight deformation of the door or of the frame; screw or some of the hinges it is loose or, ultimately, the latter will need a rise, because worn.

You need:

* Screwdrivers of various types, rings upward

What then can be done? If, for verification careful enough, you will be a team out not very relevant , well you can intervene with DIY. You will not have problems to work! The repair will take you away to a maximum of twenty minutes. Prepares on a worktop some screwdrivers both flat tip that star, as well as of 4-5 shims for upward door, having a diameter of 1 cm / 1.5 cm and a height variation between 1.5 mm, maximum 2 mm. You can purchase them at a hardware store, choosing from the color steel or brass. Of course depend on the color of the hinges mounted on the door and the frame.


Prepared the material, make your first attempt to solve the problem. If the hinges of your doors are not the type to disappear, you must try to give an adjusted the screws, maybe some loosening and pinching someone else. You will have to necessarily act by implementing the method for trial and error. To this end disassembles the door from the frame. It ‘s very easy! I assure you that you will not need employees. You just have to open it at a right angle, grasp the two ends left and right, as if to embrace her. I’ve done it many times without finding any difficulty.

Know that today the doors are wooden sandwich that is, of an internal skeleton, reduced to its essentials, was pasted a trim panel in walnut, mahogany, pine or other wood. For this reason, turn out to be enough to read both during assembly that disassemble from the frame. Constancia then the door and then, equipped with a suitable screwdriver, regulates the hinges, both the “male” and the female. Then comeback and check if this first intervention on the outside team was decisive or not . If not, you just have to try rings up or shims, if you prefer.

You’ll see that the results will undoubtedly positive. You have to re-release the door from the frame and then insert the hinge “male”, both upper and lower, a ring of upside. Please note that you may also need to impermanent a key pair for. After the input, refitting the door, open it and close it several times to verification the result. In the distant hypothesis that this type of intervention is not successful, you do not have to call a carpenter, because the “outside team” will cover the counter, the perimeter structure made ​​of raw wood that is fixed to the walls for mounting of the frame real.