Add a socket in the house is a very common thing, we often buy some new furniture for the home, such as a desk or a cabinet, and having to put on something like computer, television or otherwise, and whether or not we took in that place we must add a new outlet in the next steps we will see how we can do.

Add an outlet is not a simple thing but with a little commitment to do things. First, you need to buy the material, you will find the item needed. Having identified the place where to insert the plug, we begin to pierce the wall with the drill, where we’re going to insert a cassette, then parochialism and make sure it is locked well, to avoid being outside when we pull the plug. Having taken the first step we take the socket and connect the three wires , the three wires are of three different colors, are divided into positive and negative mass, and we make sure they leave the cassette in the direction of the other outlet where we will take the current.


Without this step we must take the duct, which will serve to bring the wires to another outlet, take measurements and make the holes to secure it to the wall, until you get to another outlet, the conduit, helps us to do a job more clean, and then does not show us all those wires attached to the wall that is not at all nice to see. Without this we detach the electric meter to turn off the power and move the wires in the new channel, and link to them to other threads, where there is current, now we have to pay attention to the wires, because to be connected with the other wires of the same color, this means the negative to negative, positive to positive and finally the mass with another mess. Once all the wires must pass in insulating tape, this will prevent the wires touch each other. Without all these steps we have to close all the boxes and give it a try.

To do the test, the first thing to do is to attack once the counter again, which we had previously removed, take a light or appliance and attach it to any new outlet. Here we have created a new point of current, made ​​this test we need to adjust the new outlet, and then take the stand or portentous, where we’re going to plug it in, support with jack is put over to the box that we have previously entered the wall, and shutters to it with screws, helping with the screwdriver. Once done all we have left to do the last thing, put the plate in order to make the perfect work aesthetically.