The hinges are used in furniture to allow the opening of the leaf. Over the years, due to the constant use, they can show defects such as squeaking, sacrament or skidding. If the biggest flaw is that we see an oscillation, it behooves us to act quickly to prevent the sash can break off and fall. Many times, it is difficult to find the identical piece because maybe out of production, then we can prove ourselves to adjust the door hinges kitchen-cabinet. Let us see how we can perform this simple home maintenance.

First, we say that a door of a cabinet generally has two hinges, one that connects the part at the top and the other which is arranged at the bottom. To carry out our proper repair , we need to find the failing between the two, obvious that if both are, we must act on both. Proper operation leaves the panel firmly closed and the slot perfectly vertical.

The closures of branches are composed of a fixed part and recessed, from an adjustable in all directions. In case of registration, we must first “zeroing”, that is, turn the screw spacer (smaller, is located near the junction of the two parts ) counter-clockwise, making the two parallel and adjacent parts.


Now we have to perform the matching sash We loosen the last screw on the left and apply a piece of cardboard with a thickness of 1mm to indent the closing inward and while we do this, for safety reasons, we support the door.

Now is the time to align everything. We can do this by adjusting the screw connectors to obtain a perfectly vertical line of the panel. In this step, it is possible that we need to act on both the upper and lower arches.

We record the height of the door, working the screws located vertically. If we think the work done well, but it still gets some crunch to your ear, it may be due to worn parts or friction, then add a little ‘oil at the points of greatest rubbing , it just a drop.

The models have more or less the same operation, but if we find it difficult, just know that each screw regulates a different movement, so just try, taking as a point of reference for the alignment, the zipper works. The final adjustment we have to find us!