Our initiative “Ask the Architect” stands having a really big success, we are full of requests and we will try to answer them all. Today, we report an application of one of our reader named Anna who contacted us to ask our advice on how to decorate the living room of his house. The constraints are the presence of a fireplace slate (positioned on the long wall 547 cm) and the drain of the sink (on the wall by 380 cm). Anna, in his application, also provides us with the color of the floor ( white with gray stucco) and the frames (color wedge), as well as suggest the colors that would be present in your home: accessories gray oak with acid green and plum.

Solution No. 1

We hypothesized for the kitchen of Anna form a “U” or horseshoe, with the snack area and stove included in the peninsula (as Anna, in his email, there has provided information about the location of the gas attack , we opted for this type of cuisine in great demand in this period). The proposed solution can be maintained even in the case of a different arrangement of the attack of the gas, for example, one might think of the hob next to the dishwasher and leave the peninsula how to plan work.


The oven we inserted in a column, with the presence of a column that serves as a larder placed between the one containing the oven and the fridge. We advise our reader of hanging low, positioned only at the sink. The relaxation area we have designed in order to exploit the per-existing chimney, positioning the TV or on the wall or on a small piece of furniture as shown in the picture. As for colors, we suggest Anna to use for cooking, gray oak for the base and light colors (white, ivory) for hanging. You can play with the color purple for the sofa cushions or curtains, for example.

Solution No. 2

In this solution the kitchen has a more classical form an L, a solution which allows to have more open space in the center of the room, allowing, thus, a smoother transition. This option, in fact, allows you to enhance the relaxation area, in fact, we have enhanced with the wall system placed next to the fireplace. Recommend to Anna, if opted for this solution, choose a table “important” that the eye of who will enter his house will fall immediately on this particular. The solution to three columns is maintained even in this case, while as regards the part of the L-shaped kitchen, recommend to Anna of the wall units high.