The bathroom tiles are sometimes changed not so much because they are broken or out of fashion, but only because they no longer meet the personal tastes or do not go with the new decor. In this case can be remedied by embellishing and making them similar to those desired. Here is a guide that shows how to beautify the bathroom tiles.The bathroom tiles are white and if you do not have decorations, can be transformed with some minor surgery. It is mostly friezes, moldings and flowers in metal and decals that are applied respectively in relief and adhering to the tiles.

The first fundamental operation is to give a general clean up in the floor surface decoration. In this case it is appropriate to use vinegar to eliminate everything that is grease or dirt, and at the same time give a disinfected considering the specific properties of the product. After drying the tiles carefully, you start the job. If the bathroom is meant to furnish in classic style typical of Roman and Greek houses, namely with floral designs, ornaments and vases, then you can go into a store that sells decals for glass and ceramics that are applied to cold. The application is very simple in that it is affixed on the surface of each tile glue thin (rabbit) which forms a film to allow the decal (slightly wet) to adhere on the part, and then left to dry. In the meantime, you can proceed to other applications, and the work is finished, you rub with a cloth on every single decal (dried) rolling it out and making sure it adheres perfectly. At this point a brush apply the final coat on the decal (the one used for the paintings), which allows you to waterproof it and make it one with the tile. To specify that the decals are also available in black and white and then be painted with tempera paints and finished with the same procedure.


The embellishment of the tiles in the bathroom as already mentioned at the beginning, it can also be done with friezes and moldings is then that you can go into a home improvement center or a hardware store and buy a well-equipped rosettes, friezes and flowers (of brass, copper or metal) that are then colored to taste with tempera paints and finished with transparent varnish . The application in this case is done with special adhesive for joining glass and ceramics, in fact, is a product that is in the form of paste which is added (depends on the quantity to prepare) a pinch of hardener included in the package Any friezes rectangular and of large size may be fixed with nails thin and long and able to pierce the tile and put on the wall in this case you need an electric drill with speed regulator and micro steel tips video that allow you to easily pierce ceramic layer of tile below and wall In this way, with the decorations applied to tile the room is in tune with the bathroom decor.