If there’s a dark room in your home, chances are you want to brighten it up. A dark room can feel gloomy, and make it hard to see. Short of knocking down the walls or installing some new windows, there are not a ton of options for brightening up a room a lot. However, there are at least a few things you can do to make the room seem a little brighter, and none of them cost too much money or require too much work.

First, open up those windows. If you have any window coverings, make sure that they are not blocking out the sunlight when you want light in the room. You can’t just add new windows to any room, but you can at least try to get the most out of the ones that you have. It may seem like a simple solution, but if your windows are facing the right direction, you can bring a lot of light into the room by simply opening up the blinds and bringing back the curtains.

If you’ve tried the windows and that wasn’t enough, you’ll have to add some artificial sources of light. Consider adding some lamps around the room, or install some lights in the ceiling. Get extra bright light bulbs to give the room even more light. With these extra lamps, you’ll need more outlets, so be sure you have enough or install some new ones. Try and get different styled lamps, and spread them out throughout the room. For example, put one on a desk, another standing lamp in the corner, and install another one in the ceiling. You can also wire the lamps to work off of your light switch, so that one flip of the switch will turn all of them on for you. It’s not as good as daylight, but lamps will certainly help.

Your third option is to repaint the room. Dark colored walls will make the room seem darker, so brighten up your room by using lighter colors. Lighter colors will reflect more of the light back, and it will brighten up the entire room. You’ll be amazed at how having another color on the walls can make such a large difference in how bright a room seems. Painting the room doesn’t take long, and can usually be done over the course of a weekend.

Lastly, if changing the color of the paint doesn’t do enough, try changing the colors of the items around the room. Get brighter colored furniture and carpeting to make the room seem lighter. You can also hang more paintings around, ones that contain more bright colors. These items themselves will not actually make the room brighter, but it will make it seem that way. One more thing to try is to hang up a few mirrors, which will not only make the room look bigger, but will bounce around the light a little bit more.

We hope that these few tips will help you to improve whatever room it is that is too dark. No one likes sitting in a dark room for too long, and if the room is like that throughout the day, it can actually affect our mood. Get rid of this down feeling by making your room brighter this weekend. With a few simple adjustments, you’ll wonder why you had never thought of doing it before.