Here is a guide that will explain how to build a deck chair adjustable , allowing you to recline the backrest to relax and enjoy the sun. Approach is not very easy, especially if you are not very experienced in the art of carpentry. We had better follow all the steps for optimum results.

Cut first two pieces of 50 cm by two wooden boards, a piece of 24 cm , and one 26-cm in length, helping with a chainsaw. These parts include the rear vertical of the deckchairs. Smooths the pieces, including the cut ends with fine-grained sandpaper. Overlay then the two pieces of 50 cm, so that they are parallel and keep them at about 24 cm distance on the inner edge. Laying the two sections of 26 cm between the two 50 cm. Adjusts the distance between the axes, so that they are separated by a same amount of space.

Make two holes at the top side of the back and on the edge of its support. Apply the wood glue at each point of contact and insert wood screws through the holes provided. Insert two pieces of wood between the axes of 50 cm of the upper end, so as to obtain two supports. The first should be flush with the ends of the backrest. This completes the rear and the front legs of the chair. Cut two boards 44 cm and other two by 23 cm . Measurement and then scored four points along the seam of the latter sections. Drill a hole on each of the four signs. You should get four grooves in a semicircle perfectly aligned at the ends.


Laying the grooves about 23 inches away from their inner edges. Place the two frames one above the other with the backrest of the seat on the face of the frame and below the front edge aligned with the lower backrest. Practical a hole through both side supports. Insert a bolt through the outer frame and stop it with a washer on the other side. Make then a pilot hole all the way through the outer part and enter a gusset between the two axes. Apply the glue and add a wood screw through the pilot holes on the face of the frames and in the ends of the anchor to form a ” U “, which will be the regulatory mechanism for the rear part of the chair. Insert the open end of the mechanism over the frame for the rear seat, so that the holes of the upper face of the external line “U” those of the rear frame .