Are you tired of not having the necessary privacy in your garden or want to see no more unwanted animals appear from time to time, then it’s time to build a fence. In this guide we will explain step by step how to build a garden fence. You can achieve it in different materials, from wood, plastic, iron or even PVC.

how to build a garden fence

The choice with regard to the material, the shape, the size and height is purely personal and obeys objective that you set out, as well as to the surface to enclose or divide. In this guide, we’ll talk about the installation of a fence from the garden in wood. Let’s see what to do. First, try to determine the exact spot on the ground where the pit poles. Make use of a meter rolling and once took measures, contrariness putting a simple bat into the ground. Keep in mind that between a pole and another there can be a considerable distance. The greater the distance between the posts the lower the stability of the cross linked, and then places the poles to not more than 6 meters from each other.

The depth of the holes in the ground obviously varies according to the height of the pole. The important thing is that you leave on each side of the pole at least 10 cm of space. Now Arm yourself with a manual auger and start digging in the ground. This type of gear you find at any garden shop. The drill manual propellers is powerful enough, it just needs a certain torque in the ground on your part. When you have completed all the ditches for the implantation of the poles, begins to mix the cement. DIY fencing tools and supplies available online or in store.

Later with the help of some family puts the first stake in the ditch and, prematurely pouring the concrete, measuring the squareness of the same with a spirit level bubble. Once achieved, entrusts to your aide tightness of the pole while you with the shovel, always turning the concrete, pour it into the ditch. At first it is preferable that you put on the bottom a bit ‘of gravel. Then proceed to pour it on the cement. You can fill the ditch until its top-level ground, or you can leave a few inches that will fill the earth trying to hide the concrete. Act in the same way for the mass in position of all the other poles. At this point of course the more work can be said to be big and heavy ends.