Most of the furnishings that dress our house out were practical: they respond to a need, solve a problem of organization, allow you to sort your home giving each thing in the right place, but the fact that the Our furniture should “serve some” must mean, however, that the beauty of the object, its originality, style, can overshadow? Not at all! Precisely for this reason, in this guide we want to give you some creative ideas to build a hanger that will be both useful and unique!

Family tree tree hangers

The image of the tree, with its solid trunk and branches that stretch out towards the surrounding world, seems to be the perfect representation of a coat hanger, a strong base and then the branches ready to accommodate all your coats and beyond. Why not take advantage of this cue with creativity? The ways to make a coat-tree may be different but if you want a simple solution to be implemented and successful here is what you do: Made of cardboard the shape of a tree trunk and branches. Alternative simplify life? Buy one stencil ! There are beautiful and thanks to the wide variety of the market will be easy to find quickly and cheaply the perfect tree for you. Paint your tree on the wall that you chose. Apply along the branches of the knobs. Choose your style : the tree can be “tone on tone” So with knobs that have the same color of the paint of the tree or else you can also create solutions very colorful and eye-catching when the knobs, perhaps several colors will look magnificent flowers in bloom on your clothes!

A hanger original and vintage flavor

Greatest satisfaction that can offer us to unleash our creativity? See recycled materials, objects that now lay forgotten junk that thought now only suitable for landfill, a new life and become leaders of our furniture items! Why, then, not have to carry our old style coat a wooden board and the old door handles or faucets do not use anymore? First prepare your wooden board. You will need a wooden board that maybe you kept in the cellar without even discordance: this axis will in fact be the basis of your clothes. Hang the wooden board on the wall that you have chosen to fix your clothes. Gather up the handles of doors nice that you and attach them to the axis with a piece of strong adhesive. Alternatively, you can also use the taps that no longer fulfill their role. The beauty of a coat hanger so it is in fact that you can paste your axis Practically anything that is sufficiently prominent and has antique charm that is perfect for the style you want to give your clothes. Enjoy the amazed expression of your guests in front of this clothes so elegant and unusual!

A hanging jewelry

Did you tray a series of rings jewelery purchased maybe in some typical market? Are rings with a large stone set ? You are very fond of these things so you do not have any intention to throw them even if you do not want to wear them? Use them in an original way, then! Prepare the thick card color or to paint the color of your choice. Be creative with your imagination: you can draw a particular shape with cardboard or paint with many colors to give a very pop your creation.