Build a house for dolls is a great way to interact with our daughter and to develop practical and creative potential. To spend too much time in front of the TV for our children, could in fact be counter-productive. It would be much wiser if they impassioned in something practical, involving too. When you are at home, it is indeed good to give time to our children, because in this way you will develop a great relationship with them, which will remain even when they are adults. On cold winter days, then let us arm ourselves of materials and will to achieve this with our baby home.

The first thing to do is to put together all the objects we need to build. Just a piece of cardboard, glue, the fabric and a pair of scissors. Consider now the case of cardboard, that will be the foundation of our house and tappezziamo internally with a colored paper, maybe pink or greenish, soothing colors in fact. We then take the cloth and put on the outside of the box, attaching it to the board with pins of the same color. Do the same for the base of the box, in order to make a small garden.


Cut out now at the point that we believe should be a window of the size we want. To make the glass we can use cellophane to the blind, a card that wield in three premarital the same size of the window. With this we have a pretty small operation down to our house. To attach it, you should use a stick that incolleremo then in the inner part of the window. To decorate the walls, it is necessary to put the pictures. To do this, just cut and paste any of the images inside the house.

Let us now turn to the interior. Using a small cardboard box, we can create the couch you can just bend the faces smaller, in order to create the armrests of the furniture. pasting then over the fabric, we will create the lining of our sofa. To make the table, must instead use the stiff cardboard and cut out so as to form the legs and the base. Even the chairs, using the cardboard . To make the tablecloth and chairs and cushions of the couch, still need to use the cloth . The house is now almost complete, although missing the last two designs: the first concerns the lamp. We can do it with a copper wire that will form the rod and a graft cardboard to which we will give the shape of lamp. the second decoration regards instead the pots with plants : we can create them in cardboard and then insert the twigs inside them, in order to simulate real plants.