Who, especially as a child, he never wanted to have a tree house? Surely it is a desire that we all had. So why not try to make it happen? What you propose is the design of a wooden house with a simple layout, with the wooden ladder and safety railing on which to mount a tent like roof. And essential that the structure of the house is perfectly suited to the tree and is very solid. Choose a tree with strong branches and divergent. An ideal tree, sturdy and not too high, it may be an old apple tree . Make sure to have healthy and strong branches. As regards the material to build the house, the measures depend on the structure that decide to build. Choose any case of wood treated for exterior or, alternatively, spread a coat of paint protective.

For the base beams using the boards of 15 x 15 cm . For the base instead, creates a frame of axes 10 x 5 cm . If you decide to build a structure greater than 60 cm in width, add a central support beam. To the uprights of the corners and the door , use of the supporting posts of 5 x 5 cm . With regard to the platform and parapet choose axes of cm 10 x 2.5 and for the ladder two strips of cm 6 x 4 , for the uprights, and cm 5 x 2.5 for the rungs to be 30 cm long.


Fixing the junctions of the corners with three bolts 11.5 cm long with a diameter of 1 cm. Choose them with double crown serrated washers and nuts.With two of them laying down the goal posts and the other those of the ladder. To set the structure to support beams uses at least four bolts by 20 cm . With regard to the scale, fixing the pegs with the galvanized screws countersunk head long 5 cm . Fixed in the same way the planks of the platform and slats of the railing. Nails instead joists support the branches of the tree using nails 15 cm in length with a round section.

To construct the ladder , tighten the terminals with the two uprights of the ladder. Leave protrude a few cm on the top. With a chisel, formed the housings for the pegs. Leave a distance of about 25 cm between them over the entire length of the uprights. Create a depth of 2.5 cm so that, once trapped, go flush with the uprights. Screw first two pegs at the ends and then continue with the other. For the actual construction of the structure, procedure starting with the cut joists support fixing tree. Then cuts the square perimeter in the right amount and the uprights that are at the corners.

Cut now the perimeter joists with the length of the house and apologia against others already mounted. fix them together with three bolts putting two in one direction and one in the other. Mark the positions of the holes for the bolts at the base of each upright and face the cross rails and make the holes with a drill of 13 mm from the tip. Then another two holes for the bolts of the door jamb that go to fix leaving a passage of 32 cm to insert the ladder. At the point where you go to enter the scale, carves to a depth of 5 cm. Mount the structure, enter the uprights and fix them with the bolts and washers. thoroughly Screw and tighten well with a key. Then raises the perimeter frame and place it on the base beams. Insert it in the junctions and lock with the bolts by inserting up to 2 cm . Screw the platform to the frame perimeter leaving a gap of 2.5 cm between the boards. You just have to fix the boards of the railing to the posts with a minimum height of 75 cm .