The inventiveness and creativity we Italians do not miss and if we have a bit of time to devote to do it yourself and the right tools, we can indulge with our creations. It is an excellent remedy to use your free time in a useful way, to recycle and to do something instructive with their children. For the fans and for those who have some knowledge everything is easier, the rest of us, it’s up to learn and try, until you get the desired result. But do not be discouraged, console ourselves with the knowledge that before the recent industrial era, human beings had to become all things handmade, from tools to use to the finished object. If for so many centuries our ancestors have done so, then we can try it too. Now, I want to explore with you how to build a kitchen table that is robust, good looking and respects our tastes.

To begin, we must start from the measures, which are essential to begin our work. The reference points are the standard space of the elbows (600mm), knees (250mm) legs (600mm) and finally height table (700mm) and moving chair (700mm). Obviously, since it is handmade, sizes can be customized and adapted to our needs. Now we have to choose the form of our table, if rectangular, assuming for six people, consider a plan of at least 1.5 mt x 1 mt. If we opt for the round shape, the standard of the plan, from a diameter of 1.2 meters (six people). Other measures to be taken into account, are the spaces of the room, calculating any openings in cabinets and drawers. For those not practical, it is very useful to draw a sketch of the project on a sheet, showing the measures and steps to follow.


For our implementation, we can go into a store of DIY, bringing with us our measures (components can be cut to measure and free of charge) If we choose the best wood, the best idea is to have them cut from the Our carpenter confidence. Back home, we have to secure the top to the frame using a drill for pre-drilling, countersinking and filling of screws Finally, we fix the legs of the frame.

If we are capable and we have a circular saw , we follow a different procedure. get ready four-axis thickness of 2 cm, the cut in length and in width depending on our needs. Cut the four feet by calculating a length of about 80 cm and width 5 x 5. Let us fix the elements with the angular steel thickness of 2 mm and a height of 10. After this, we proceed as we have seen above. At this point, to finish our work, we smooth the mobile using an orbital sander . Now we just have to prepare the table for painting, passing a rag with ammonia to open the pores.