To afford a tinge of class in the garden and you want to make a mosaic near the entry, or to decorate a corner, it is not hard, with a honest system, appropriate material, time available, a great deal of precision and imagination, you can make a unique mosaic. In this template, we examine how to construct a mosaic in the garden.

For this task you need to get organized with the appropriate material using a lot of imagination and forethought. Begin to make a drawing on a piece of cardboard to create the shape, marked contrasts of colors you want. Stay in the shop building, choose and buy the right material and the right to mosaic stones that are made ​​in nature, sand, gravel, cement, the configuration of the stones, the size and color. Check to see if the combination of colors is what you want, give it a try in the resale, together with the sticks and stones positioned viewed if the figure is the one you want.


Sketch with the right measures on the ground that the space will be occupied by a mosaic of length and width and begin to dig down to a depth of about four inches, raked, and compacted the soil with a roller past the area for two or three consecutive times until to have a smooth and uniform surface, clean the entire perimeter, remove all the rocks and roots, grass, timber or whatever, you have a layer of gravel. In a bucket or on a towel mix three parts of coarse sand, two at the end, all combined with two parts of cement.

Knead with water as required for the mixture, the compound must not be very liquid, spread evenly on the bottom of clay to a thickness of about 5 cm. Wet the part until the end of the work. Begin to arrange the pieces of the mosaic that is the stones that will sink into the concrete for at least half of their height. In this way remain well anchored.