The mobile lounge that we will build, will consist of three identical elements that differ only in the internal organization, forming a modular and elegant. It is based on a simple element, formed by four sides, a bottom and two shelves central. The width of the element is equal to half the height, which allows to obtain various combinations and overlapping, because the elements can be filled with either vertically or horizontally. It pretty easy to build as it goes back to elementary techniques of carpentry, as it is on board assemblies with thorns, with bonding glue Superior Poly acetyl vinyl.

To facilitate the definition of the reference points for the holes, used a guide for plugs. The dimensions of the shelves must be shorter than 5 mm beyond the upper and lower part of the cabinet. While, for the elements with leaf , must reduce their depth of 2 cm to allow the closure of the leaf. To have a large capacity, we will have to adopt a depth of 40 cm, as much as the width. The brackets are used to adjust volume. The drawers are in kit cut in size, is easily assembled; the screen element (closed with metallic secondary latch ) can be used as a buffet for the dishes. For this creation, we used the plywood, but you could also use the strips. In this guide, we will see how to build a mobile living room.


Base element and variants. The construction of the mobile is based on a simple base element (dimensions: 80 cm high and 40 cm in width and depth), to which retrieved changes to insert a door or drawers ; you could arrange both vertically and horizontally, because the height is twice the width. It ‘made of plywood 19 mm thick and the different parts are assembled with glued spines. The base element is provided with shelves ; there may also arrange the drawers (purchased as a kit, ready to mount, and doors). The drawers, sides with plastic to be cut to the desired size, are based on guides also plastic, screwed on the internal sides of the cabinet. The door has been obtained from a panel of plywood, provided with a handle and articulated on two hinges, screwed on a side wall. The back of the cabinet is fixed to a groove, realized with a molding quarter of a circle.

Cutting panels. The cabinet is constructed with plywood panels of 19 mm thickness. You could also use chipboard, less expensive and less robust. Using a saw circular, jig saw or hand saw for panels, you could cut a panel of 250 X 40 cm. The back of the cabinet is made ​​from a plywood panel to 3 layers or by a panel masonite. To realize the groove, you would need a molding on the fourth circle. With a plane, beveled edges visible, so that the whole is more decorative. Keep the plane obliquely, from the outside inwards, to round the edges.

Preparation and assembly. With a knife, taper the ends of the plugs to come more easily. To assemble the brackets on the sides, you should use plugs fluted of 8 mm diameter. On the A side, draw the position of the two central shelves. The molding fourth circle forms the abutment reported, which serves to adapt the bottom, and is fixed with nails to 0.5 cm from the edge of the panel and 2.5 cm from its end. The fund, hedge and two shelves are assembled on the side. the shelves have a rounded edge to fit the molding. The edges of the panels B are drilled at three points for the insertion of the plugs assembly on the two sides; practiced also blind holes in the sides A; used a guide for the pins, and a depth guide . The carving of the corners of the fillings, in the fourth circle of 15 mm radius, is carried out with a cutter, mounted on the milling machine or adapted to drill. Maintaining the structure in a horizontal position, arranged and glued to the second side after having verified that the corners are straight. Wait until the glue dries.

The finish. The hardware (handles on drawers and doors) has been chosen in modern style, which is well adapted to the geometry of the cabinet. The finish has been made with jet black dye, lying in two coats with a brush. The dye has the effect of emphasizing the grain of the wood and is in harmony with the modern conception of the whole. If you want, you could use a polish or varnish finish.