A shed , though not certainly possesses all the characteristics of a real garage, it is able to protect your vehicle from rain and snow. Also, is an excellent shelter to avoid the damage caused by hail: it happens rarely, but we know that when this type of atmospheric precipitation occurs, it can also seriously affect the health of a few moments in the outer parts of a car or any another vehicle. If you have a little ‘open space, you might consider the idea of building yourself a roof for your car. You can finally park it away, keeping the body in good condition for longer and feeling more relaxed then. then read this guide will show you how to proceed.

Build a roof to park your car can be very easy, especially if you use a kit modular for sale in the centers of ‘ do-it-t and ‘: you will find posts, beams, girders already processed and cut, with all the necessary materials for assembly. If you want to save yourself by providing all the need to obtain a ‘need, you will find what you need in the same stores that sell kits, or you can visit a carpenter and at a hardware store (for screws, bolts, etc.). Remember though, that before starting work, you should go at the offices of your local council: indeed inform you of any permissions to be requested. Also presented a project that can perform by themselves, in which will indicate to the area, the size, the material and the type of anchor with which intend to build the roof for your car .


You will need the following materials : four beams of wood (12 cm section cm.12x): 2 cm high will be 27 ‘and the two shall become cm. 240, to create a gradient useful to drain the water cement for the mortar to be included in the 4-hole, four beams (sez.10×10): two long, 4 meters long and two m.3; eight bolts with round head from 1 centimeter in diameter and 25 cm long for fixing the beams to the posts; twelve o’clock joists (sec. 6×8) m long. 3.20 to be spaced approximately 35 cm (for the mounting of the tiles); nails for carpentry; eight beams (sez.4×4) long m.1, 20: used to shore up the beams. You will then buy 15 meters square of tiles bituminous and four brackets to anchor the wall the bearing structure.

When you’re ready to begin the work, make sure the ground is level at the right point, otherwise, straighten it properly. With the metro, rope and 4 pegs, demarcated on the ground the perimeter of the roof , and the four corners dug their holes cm. 35×35 and about 40 cm deep, placed in each of them about cm. 5 of gravel, then settle the 4 poles and shored each of them with a pair of joists from m.1, 20 (4×4 section), that will set in the front part. At this point, prepare the mortar and pour it into the holes to fix the poles to the ground, but before it solidifies, inspect with the lead wire : if they are not perfectly perpendicular,

After about 48 hours, when the mortar is completely dry, take a scale and with a drill and wood drill bit, set the rafters on top of the poles with the bolts after drilling the holes. ‘s beams corresponding to the shortest side of the shed will have to be staggered by a few inches compared to those of the long sides, to allow the execution of the through holes. n line with the cross beams located just nailed the rafters section 6×8, leaving them tick than ten inches of each side, and let them far enough to be able to fix the roof tar , you are going to attach to the joists.

Now set the brackets to the wall and anchored whole structure carrier, then apply a special product on the wood stain which will protect it from moisture and pests. now the roof is finished and your car will finally have a good shelter.