For those who like to relax in your free time, after a day’s work, ideally in a sauna, but because of the high prices for every day, for the time it takes to go to a spa or even a matter of intimacy, very often there is renunciation. I will go, then, to illustrate how to build a sauna, preferably at home .

The first thing to do in order to build a sauna is to set up a space to make the sauna, which can be your home, such as the garden or wherever you like, depending on your needs, once you find the space, you must choose the greatness of our sauna, depending on how many people you want in the sauna at the same time (on average H2xP1XL2 for two people). The choice of sauna is very diverse. There are various types depending on temperature and humidity: Finnish sauna (invented by the Finns, reaches temperatures between 80-100 ° C and humidity of 10-20%. Uses heating through wood or electricity), samarium (it is a cross between the Finnish sauna and turkish bath, reaches temperatures ranging between 50-60 ° C with humidity between 40-50%), turkish bath (reaches temperatures between 40-50 ° C and high humidity 90 – 100%, unlike the previous ones, the beneficial effects resulting from the presence of water vapor.


We must also consider whether to buy a prefabricated sauna (already built, but must be installed step by step), or build it from scratch, the choice will be made ​​based on your knowledge of DIY . At this point you have to choose the type of wood to use, even in this case there are several options to go fir treated for outdoor saunas, to the birch . The choice depends on the quality and thus the price. Another feature to consider is the heat source (electricity, firewood, gas, heated stones), in this case depends on the position of the sauna and your budget.

Once both have clear ideas about what to do, we’re going to build our structure that can have various shapes (cube, parallelepiped) from the photos you can take a cue . Start with the base and the base planted on every corner of a beam which supports the ceiling, combined with the various components brackets L and nails strengthened. built the structure, cover the sides of the walls In this case thinner (1 cm) and left side to the entrance where the door is placed. Whether you choose electric sauna, I highly recommend you get help from an electrician. If you have no experience for positioning the heat spreaders and the lights around your sauna, for safety reasons, created a vent on the walls easily operable, in case of illness, finally attach the door that may be made ​​of glass or wood .