Having a pool in the garden is one of the dreams of anyone who owns a home with his front garden . Build it could be complex if during the study and the realization of the work does not take into account some key factors to the implementation , but also to the future management . Here is a guide on how to build a swimming pool in the garden.

how to build a swimming pool

According to the type and availability that we want to use; a swimming pool with a simple and with water inside, no flare (to understand the competitive type a), there is no need of a bath of compensation but only a local area technology, in which we could prepare the necessary pumps the recirculation of the water and its purification. If on the contrary we want to achieve an infinity pool, (those where the tank is filled up to the top level of the board so that overflows), we are forced to consider the tank, a channel grid of at least 30 cm around the edge and tank compensates it located not too far away, with its technical room , which is a real ground pool of capacity of at least 1/3 of the volume in liters.

You must be able to define the spaces to be dedicated to the pool. To do this must be considered that the pool is not only the tank that contains the water, but it consists: in the hot pool considered , in the compensation basin (sizes equal to at least one third of the volume of the pool ), in the perimeter around the pool and, if its space permits the changing rooms and a hedge fence. To give you an idea of space we can start by saying that the minimum size for a pool full of all those things just might be about 300 to 350 square meters; we are talking of a rectangular pool of approximately 5 * 2 ​​mt. If our intentions are then the ones to make a pool with oval design or other form particular we must keep in mind that it takes at least 15-20% more space.

If we defined what type of pool build and we are determined to do so let’s start with the technical arts. The pool includes the tank, which must be buried, so you need to start making the excavation, which must be equal to the depth of the pool plus the thickness of the reinforced concrete that composes it. Next we need a engineer who can show us how to achieve exactly the concrete, which made ​​operation in economy, without specialist company may be complicated, because the armor will be made ​​in a single body, as the concrete must not have ties, but be a single body. It is important to remember that before you start with the excavation, will serve the authorization issued dl municipality of residence, which will certainly require a project issued by an engineer. Managed to create the structure, it will be waterproofed, first with sheath hot and then with particular paint waterproofed specially used for the construction of swimming pools.