Build a wall bed is a procedure much easier to do than to say because, all things considered. the most expensive operation is the one on the assembly stage. Already during the purchase, in fact, a double wall is provided with all the necessary casing to collect the thalamus and again, the hinges that allow the opening. Given that this is the most common solution, we will start knowing this option.

To begin with, you must have a suitable location to host a very special structure such as a bedroom wall. Usually, it should be a concave wall, for instance, the walls in which is located the supporting pillar which, with its mass, exits to the outside of the wall itself creating a sort of “recess”. When you have a solution of this type, just fix the hinges provided for the 4 corners of the bed. Use a drill and nuts right that’s it.


For those, however, one area of this type does not have it and want to start building their own bed to the wall the solution is different. Associated that the “skeleton” of that bed to the wall has been purchased. The processing, after, should be paid to “housing” which, through a practical pulley, will allow the descent of the thalamus. The first thing to do is get 4 wooden planks the right size to accommodate the bed. Thereafter, each single axis, will be cut at an angle to the 2 ends. In doing so, the union of the four axes is in a clean and sophisticated. After this is done it is time to connect the pulleys . Of course, needless to say, the conjunction happens on the bottom to allow exit of the bed. The mounting is very simple. Here, too, just a drill and a few washer, nothing more.

Once fixed the last part of the work is to be considered officially ended. Finally, you can see how easy it can be to build a wall bed . You do not need any special knowledge and, really, anyone can decide to engage in this activity. Really fun and useful. In addition, with absolute certainty, build yourself a wall bed is much cheaper than buying it. In times of crisis such as those experienced by our devastated economy, a benefit like this is not to be neglected. Why not take advantage?