Build a house is still a subject of much discussion given the magnitude of the task at hand. Indeed, such a decision requires the full involvement of the author both financial and physical material. With the advent of the MOB, this construction technique initiated by senior technicians, the realization of such a project is much less arduous and practice that can bring it to fruition quickly.

Technical truly all-terrain, wood-frame house offers many opportunities to the man or woman who is bought. Whether the style of the building or its size, we can easily adapt to the wooden structure. Better yet, many options are available to us in building a house wood frame. Takes place in a few steps, the construction of a wood frame house, although real estate franchise is somewhat expensive, is an alternative to a solid construction. This type of house is truly an innovation.

The technical details of the MOB

If the structure of the wood frame house is located on maritime pine micro-piles, the whole building has a very advanced insulation system. Thus, the walls are equipped with a doubling Paco plus a vacuum designed for power systems and plumbing panels Excavate serving simultaneously bracing and vapor barrier. The wood fiber and the outside of the tissue paper to the inside of the frame will complete this insulation system.


As the floor, the roof is insulated with 35 cm of tissue to serve as vapor barrier. If the windows are fitted with double-glazed argon-aluminum timber, the exterior cladding is made of Douglas fir while the cover is made with an EPDM membrane heat-sealed rubber. On the heating and ventilation, the MOB has a wood stove, electric towel heater in the bathroom, solar water heater and a double flow ventilation vapor recovery. Finally, through tubes located at 150 cm underground system combined with double-flow ventilation ensures the freshness in the MOB.