Do you have an avenue to refine? A heated car close? Or simply want to replace an old gate ? That’s it: using a bit of your time and your manual dexterity in a few days you will build yourself a beautiful wooden gate. Then we give space to do it yourself and relax creating something new. Everyone will envy.

First we see all the material you need. Of course you have to buy the wood. In particular for this project would be ideal of strips of 5 cm for 2 . If your local retail store offering a lower price for very long strips, buy them quietly, they will cut in progress and you will save a lot. Get yourself then sandpaper is not very large, a jig saw , a drill and a screwdriver. As for the small parts will serve the screws by four centimeters, four hinges large enough and a hook for closing the gate. Finally, can not miss the impregnate to finish everything. The color is very subjective: if you have other wood elements placed close to where you are going to install the gate, try to keep the same color, or at least not too much nuance in contrast.


The second step will be to have in mind the gate you want to accomplish. If it can help you, also produced a small sketch that follow throughout the work, so you always have in mind the goal. Very, however, depends on the final size of the gate. Up to a meter in width you can easily build a single structure. For larger sizes, however, you will need to make two halves, each is open to one side and meet in the middle. In this way, the gate will not have an excessive weight and will not risk to yield in the terminal part. Once you’ve decided on the design, measure the length you want for the gate (or each of the two parts if it is a double gate). Remove the measurement obtained 10 cm (which will be used for the pillars side) and cut two strips of exactly that length. For example: if the space where you want to put the gate is one meter wide, you will need to cut two strips each spanning 90 cm. Then choose the height that will structure. Let’s say if you want a gate feet high: in this case, you have two strips that will serve as a one meter long side.

Slightly cut pieces in order to eliminate any irregularities and begin to assemble them. Take then one of the two long strips at each end and the fixed end of one of two short pieces, of course, making sure that the side are in a perpendicular position relative to the base. To assemble the parts, you will need to use the screws by four centimeters. You will thus obtained in the structure a “U”. Take now the other long strip and attach it to the two lateral always using the screws, but in this case you will have to protrude from the top of the side for five centimeters. At this point you will have to cut the laminated middle that will be identical to the size of the sides. Assembled also the intermediate strips leaving a space between the one and the other. Obviously the amount of strips required will depend on the space that leave between them. Then you have to screw a strip in an oblique position with respect to the axes, so as to stabilize the structure. If your gate is then formed from one side, then on one side you will have to tighten two hinges, while the other closed. If instead your gate consists of two parts, each will have two hinges at the sides and the closure will be fixed in the central meeting point. You just have to draw on all the strips of stain , so as to give color to the whole and protect the gate from the rain. Then assembled the gate to the side pillars which have previously fixed to the ground and your job will be finished.