To build a simple gazebo wood do not need any special skills as a builder. It will, however, need to carefully plan the structure, to be accurate in measurements, have someone who helps and have the right tools to avoid having to stop in the middle of the work . There must be a circular saw with tilting blade : If you do not want to buy it or rent it, or you do not have the practicality required to use it, you can take advantage of the cutting service offered by home improvement stores or the woodwork at which you will give you the material. Also, unless you want to base the structure in a concrete pour, it is essential to work on a stable and level floor to anchor our structure.

To build a gazebo 240×240 cm square like figure you will need: 4 beams of cedar square section 10×10 cm, height at will (at least 250 cm) 10×10 4 berths to accommodate the 4 beams; 19 boards of cedar with a rectangular section 5×15 cm long, 280 cm, 16 axes finishing variable size: the beams are used to cover and stabilize coverage; 8 shingles cut at 45 degrees of variable size; 10 safety caps: bubble, drill, circular saw , hammer, pencil, nails and glue. Start by defining the area of the gazebo, drawing a square 240×240. In the corners of the squares designed 10×10 cm screw in which the anchors to secure the frame to the floor. Place one leg in each room and let them help so that it is perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Pinned legs with each accommodation checking good not to fix sloping.


Coverage: 4-axis fixed to the top of the beams as shown Make sure they are centered, drawing the limits with pencil and seeking help with the bubble . Attach the boards with clamps and then to nailed beams both internally and externally. Make the slots in the next 10 axes so that they fit 4 axes perpendicular to the substrate. Then attach the 5 pairs of axes to the underlying structure using glue and nails.Stabilize the structure to the beams by nailing the boards of the finish, so that to support it on the ground and covering the metal legs that support the four pillars of the coverage. Used now shingles cut at 45 degrees, 2 for each beam, so that a fixed lower the beam axis (in the inner part of the initial 4-axis) and the other fixed the beam axis higher (in the internal torque) as shown in the figure.