The garden must be cared for all the time, if we want to keep it free from leaves and weeds, especially for abundant blooms. The maintenance of the garden requires some tools among which the most popular are: the rake, the weeder and spade square. We focus on these three items explaining the techniques of how to build garden tools.

Let’s start with the first tool that the rake . This is important to break up the soil previously dug and has the function of a broom metal. To build one so easy and cheap, you need to get a broom with handle. This generally has a rectangular shape. The system to transform it into rake is the following: we provide two combs of metal in large teeth, each 10 cm long. Since the broom 20 cm wide, adding two combs manage to fill the entire surface. The fixing of the combs can be performed by practicing on each of them four holes, in which we do pierce the screws, then fixing them with a screwdriver on the wood of the broom. In this way, our rake with metal teeth was built.


As regards the construction of the second tool garden or the weeder, say, first, that serves to weed that is thin and deep drill holes in the soil to allow the placing on the depth of the seeds. For its construction we get then a broom complete. Eliminating the entire bristle, one practice three holes in the central part and the other to the side, by inserting interlocking and deep enough, of the iron wires, rigid, of a thickness of about half a centimeter, suitably bent hook-shaped end part with the very evolved. Even the weeder therefore, can be considered built and ready for the operation of sowing of our plants and flowers from garden .

The third and final tool that we want to build is the spade square. This is indispensable for the preparation of the ground during the construction of gardens and flowerbeds, and its function is to allow the spillage of the soil and compacting it. To realize a spade square, it is sufficient to obtain a broomstick . At this point, we go to a blacksmith and buy a plate of sheet metal inundate of about 20 X 20 cm. From the same dealer we do create a folder with its machinery to “L” on one side and in the center a hole slightly smaller than the broomstick. The latter is inserted into the hole, creating a wedge with a hobby knife so that it remains stuck well. The final fixing then takes place, with nails arranged in a cross in both the incoming and in that of output. Cheaply, recycling materials into disuse or buying them cheaply, so we built three of the main tools useful for the care of our garden.