The built-in kitchen is designed to furnish a rustic , country, characterized by woods and essences , yet also proves particularly practical, easy to clean, highly functional for most modern homes. Allows in fact, unlike the kitchens modular or prefabricated ones, to define a desired space and volume, solve the problem of angular spaces or however irregular, since it is built step by step, following the individual needs. If we are lovers of DIY and we want to provide for themselves to achieving a just, we see the following as a tile in kitchen. We assume that for built kitchen tile does not necessarily mean a brick structure, but it is possible to coat the tiles also a prefabricated wooden structure, just, of course, provide the tools and observe the minimum adroitness. One meter, of adhesion, spacer for coatings, adhesives specific.

The first step to do is to measure our work plan and to choose, consequently, of the tiles to size are a sub multiple of it, so as to avoid unsightly cuts of our majolica, cuts that will be even more unpleasant all ‘eye if the tiles instead of plain, they bear a design. Usually, the depth of a standard work surface is 60 cm.: us keep on this measure, or opt for a depth of 70 cm. However it is not always possible to establish a measure that is a multiple of 10 or 5, in this case, therefore, begin to paste the tiles from the outer edge and proceed gradually towards the inside, so as to resort to cutting in an area that will be hidden from the mechanical parts , or at least by a dorsetto.


Also the thickness of the tile has its importance: try not choose them too doubles, worth a thickening of the tiled surface and an effect not always pleasing to the eye In the event that the chosen decoration is present only in that format, we know, however, that ” We can hide ‘any protrusions with strips of wood or ceramics, of course coordinated by color and design to the tiles chosen for the coating.If we choose to give up the ‘cigar’, to have a tiled effect only, we have to take care of to match perfectly cut and designs, so as not to create unsightly , or we can choose to buy tiles ‘special’ that form an angle of ninety degrees and that are born to cover edges and corners Image from.