The home is our safe place, a place where the security has a profound impact on our well-being. One of the big problems is that of housing, also providing valuable assets are the object of desire for thieves. The main system to prevent intrusion is to install security doors. These doors are extremely robust and therefore it is very difficult, if not almost impossible to tear them down scassinarle with simple methods. The only way to overcome the obstacle is able to open the lock and it is for this reason that the locks of the doors have odd shapes and are very complex to reproduce. Unfortunately, however, the thieves also soon learn to open the locks on the doors. Should therefore make life complicated by replacing every couple of years, the lock on the door armored with a more recent design and safety. Now let’s see how to change the lock of a security door.

The type of lock is the most widespread in European cylinder, equipped with keys very durable and safe in case of burglary. The European cylinder is able to withstand break-in attempts by means of picks, tearing and / or drilling with a drill. The locks for armored doors have prices ranging from 100 € to 300 €, depending on the type. For the replacement of a lock for armored doors does not require specialized personnel, you have just a bit ‘of manual dexterity and some basic knowledge.


First you need to remove the handles: Disassemble the screws that secure the door (screws are of small size). Unscrew the box which also includes the closing system, and remove both calmly. You can now enter a new lock , fitting it in the accommodation of the lock. It may happen that there is enough clearance (a matter of a few millimeters), in which case filed the internal parts of the door (those in contact with the block of the lock) in such a way as to facilitate the insertion of the new lock. Conversely, in the case of dwellings too large, enter the strips of wood or cardstock. Replace now the metal plate on the door jamb.

If you have a new lock but you have lost or broken the key to a European cylinder locks only need to replace the cylinder and not the entire lock. Keys for locks simplest are sold with a special card that certifies you as the legitimate owners. Then there are those electronic door locks with key crucifiable or biometric scanner. In this case one must know a special code to insert into the port together with a new key so as to recode the whole system.