When you have little time and little money, the idea of renovating your home can seem like a pipe dream . Yet, to give the rooms a whole new look, you can change the arrangement of home furniture and furnishings, as well as to break the monotony and at the same time, gain in space and functionality . To make sure you do not fall into gross errors, it will be necessary to proceed by stages and follow a few simple rules.

Before giving the go-to moves, we must make sure of the exact dimensions of the room and every single piece of home furniture. Once you have taken all measures, with the help of a ruler, we report the design of the room, in 1:100 scale, on a sheet of paper into squares. At this point we take the colored card , cut out the shapes of the furniture in the same scale, and positionable on the sheet of paper. Moving the pieces of cardboard inside the design we can have fun make up our project with a good degree of approximation. If you do not have colored sheets, you can do the same job with pencil and eraser.


In the kitchen, the work plans should always be well lit, both day and night. It is appropriate that the drawers and appliances are not located in areas never corner, because this will hinder the opening. For greater security and greater freedom of movement, keep the stove away from the wall and the refrigerator. Finally, do not forget that around the table room must be left a space of at least 120 centimeters, to allow those who are standing in through even when someone else is sitting.

In the living room, if in the previous arrangement had furnished above the walls , now try to fill the central part of the furniture with low we have as we like, perhaps forming of paths towards the openings of balconies or verandas, so as to allow light to penetrate more easily. Consistent with the shape and size of the room, we have sofas and chairs in a semicircle open to the front door, this will give to those who enter the house a greater sense of acceptance if the same environment also serves as a dining room, the back facing the table can be a solution to separate the two areas do not forget to leave at least one meter of free surface in front of the doors to allow easy opening without being a nuisance to those who passes to our shoulders The TV must always be in front of the seats, at a distance such that they can be watched without straining your eyes.

In the bedroom, the only obstacle to the imagination consists of doors and windows to the sides of the room, for the rest, we can indulge ourselves as we like. Wherever you decide to place the bed, remember that there must be at least 60 centimeters free on each side in front of the tables, and at least 90 cm away with the cupboard or dresser. If you can, do it in a way that is not in contact with the outer walls, which would be too cold and wet in the winter months. In a big enough we might also think of the head space from the wall, put it in a drawer or behind the sessions and leave the space for a corridor toward the exit or a corner to be used at will. The desk, however, must always be positioned in the vicinity of a window, and where the chair can move without hindrance.