The growl of stairs is no longer as when we installed for the first time. The moisture, dust, cold will surely have contributed to its state of war, therefore, in extreme cases it will be necessary to totally change (in every part of) the railing (switch hands) of the stairs. It is not a simple thing. We will see together, how to proceed, how to start and how to finish all operations, step by step.

Surely we will need to get help from someone as this work cannot be done alone (not even the professionals can run it yourself). Also, the tools will not be available to everyone. We will need a grinder, a welder, a hammer, a chisel and various pliers work. Prosecutors everything you need and the helper, we can proceed to practice with the second step.


The first thing we need to do is to disconnect the iron structure from those that are the fixed parts (locked inside the dough fixative). So Let us listen to our grinder (or even a jig saw with a blade very strong and sharp) and begin to cut the structure in all those points and mounting block. Our helper should hold the salt while that we’re going to remove all the media , so that the division dates and dropped the scale is not clear, sharp and loud.

Removed all the anchor points we need to make sure to also delete the stay of metal stuck inside the wall. Take our hammer and chisel and start pickaxe all around the iron bars, so loosen the grip of the cement, thus being able to free the metal (helping with pliers) and space obstructed (to be busy with handrail).

After freeing space for new handrails, now everything should be easier. We take reasonable steps for the installation of handrails. We measure the length of the media anchor, if they are longer than the space available, then we take the hammer and chisel and engrave the wall until the iron supports will not fit completely. For the completion of our railing we have to create a mixture of water and cement to which we can add both pre-composed of mortar and we also want to know a little bit of fine sand.

We fill half of the holes with our compound, we raise the new metal structure (making help from the server) and we put together all the iron rods (which are used to fix the structure with cement) into the holes previously filled. Hold onto for 10 minutes (by making small breaks of 2 minutes) and then let her posing (monitoring its location, and making sure that it stays straight) for about half an hour, but for safety we try to let it dry for a whole day. Finally, we will have completed our replacement.