Ease of use, enjoyment of a real fire in the house: bio ethanol fireplace is a fad. Advice before investing

Acclaimed in recent years, bio ethanol fireplaces gradually invest our interiors. Decorative objects and real space heaters, they adapt to all styles of furniture, and provide the pleasure of a real fire at home, without its drawbacks: no lead, no smell, maintenance simple: a simple wipe with a sponge soaked in detergent to clean them enough. One downside: the cost of ethanol. For this reason, and also because they can not substitute for a permanent heating, they use few hours a day at most, without major impact on the budget.

What is bio ethanol fireplace?

Object design and highly decorative fireplace bio ethanol gaining ground on two distinct markets: the interior decoration, and heating. Where does this fuel ? Substances of such plant starch, sugar beet, corn. So an ecological fuel and environmentally friendly because it rejects the CO2 fired plants which it is derived. A condition of the provision in moderate use (about 5h/day), it represents a very interesting auxiliary heating, in addition to the main heating, requiring no lead and therefore no permissions on installation.Prefer products with standard AFNOR NF035-386, a guarantee of reliability and security.


Fireplace chimney wall or floor? Question of space and price

Found on the market first fireplaces floor or wall from € 200/300. In specialized manufacturers, prices can go up to € 8,000 and sometimes more. At this price, we have a real piece of furniture, which will give an incredible charm to the room and attract attention. For smaller budgets, a reasonable investment of several hundred dollars be enough to warm the atmosphere and create an intimate and cozy in the evenings with family or friends. Small spaces will emphasize the wall chimneys, or those to be put on the table, very contemporary and practical for portable from one room to another. If space permits, the fire on the ground in the simplest models is ideal: no attachment to predict. For security reasons, we will leave a space around a meter and ensure its stability.

Security Rule: Install and turn its bio ethanol fireplace

As when using a barbecue or a real fire, children should be kept away during the lighting of the bio ethanol fireplace. Make sure the room is well ventilated and has an adequate ceiling height (2.30 m).Invest in a humidifier which may contribute to the ventilation of the room by releasing the water vapor. If the stack is placed on a wall, it should be non-flammable. Do not place your fireplace near curtains or flammable materials. Keep bio ethanol in a safe, dry place, away from children. Once the combustion block in place, check the operating system several times zipper. Pour bio ethanol in the mouth filling, filling only half do. Use lighter or long matches to ignite the burner surface. To turn off, never try to stifle the flame using the zipper to block the burner.

Materials and contemporary design

Subject chic and trendy, the bio ethanol fireplace comes in many styles: designers compete imagination to offer a broad, aesthetic and uncluttered. The forms are soft and elegant, to match any type of interior, bringing light and gentle warmth. Made in contemporary materials, glass, steel modular, concrete, granite, bio ethanol fireplace is a decorative object in itself, always elegant, sometimes sophisticated, we can decorate accessories: ceramic logs that imitate wood and colored pebbles, treated against fire.

Think of the essential oils, to be deposited on the logs, which distill refined fragrance in the room and fight the slight odor that emanates sometimes some models of ethanol. The purchase of a kit firewall safety glass will secure the use of fire, especially in the presence of children at home. Feel free to do your market research by going to the manufacturers specialized consultant or web sites dedicated to compare offers and guarantees, depending on your budget and your room configuration. Once your choice is made and the installation, get ready to enjoy the warm and intimate atmosphere provided by your bio ethanol fireplace and the pleasure of a real fire in the early frosts.