The choice of the home as well as a purely aesthetic factor is bound by the spaces that the home offers. The design of modern wardrobes with sliding doors allows you to recover space, maintaining an elegant, refined, but at the same time simple and practical. cabinets of this type can be specified as a real space saver, not having to worry about during the purchase of any extra space for opening doors. Are you going to buy a wardrobe with sliding doors as a solution for your wardrobe? The following steps will explain how to choose the one best suited to your tastes and needs.

The first step to take before you can consider a kind of furniture or another is the measurement of space in which to place furniture. It is necessary with the aid of a meter to measure the height, the length of the desired wall, as well as the thickness ideal so that the cabinet does not prevent the passage. Remember well that this type of cabinets generally has a thickness of not less than 60/70 cm, if your space does not permit a thickness of this type, I suggest you opt for a closet wall, more practical, although more complex and expensive to set up.
Now that you have an idea of the desired measures, in the next step I will show you the various styles which will give a touch of elegance to your home, choosing the model more suited to your style wardrobe.


The designs are of different types, from the most simple and economic, in simple colored plastic, wood models, you can buy models with mirror doors for the most vain, doors with special decorations to enhance the decor of your bedroom, ante simple for lovers of minimal. There is to be considered for this type of cabinet is characterized by a structure less heavy than the model in swing, which should not, however affect the soundness of these furniture, and also ensuring a closure that does not allow the dust to nestle interior of the cabinet, unlike the classical ante, that tend to remain slightly open, they are closed and sealed thereby ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of your clothes.

Once you choose the design that is closer to your needs is also necessary to evaluate the cost of these modern cabinets. The price can start from € 250 up to € 8,000 for those more technologies, such as those with built-in TV, as this means that you do not need large sums for the purchase of this product that will revolutionize your idea of a wardrobe. Ed Now that you know the advantages of choosing this type of cabinets, you will find the links between relevant points to get an idea of what might be right for you. I warmly greet you, in your mouth at purchase.