Choose a car garage can be more complicated than expected if you do not pay enough attention to the prices and it is not known in the most appropriate bargaining with the seller; so you must take the time necessary to evaluate every detail and not spend more than initially budgeted. In the following guide we will try to provide some simple tips on how to choose a car garage comfortable , safe and functional and can represent the “shelter” Perfect for any car and meet the needs of the buyer.

car garage

The first step is to figure out how much demand for car garage is in the area where you intend to buy one. As you can imagine more demand there will be more expensive the price of the various boxes that will be on the market; It is the law of supply and demand that dominates all sectors and this is no exception. If the demand for car garage is very low, however, it means that it is very easy to find parking in the area and there are no particular dangers of theft. If we are in a situation we can try to negotiate the price with the seller and snatch some offer.

In Italy, currently, is in force the rules governed by the Law that provides for all new buildings, to devote at least one square meter of parking every ten meters of dwelling thus establishing a direct link between housing and parking.
From the point of view of the minimum size you’ll have to then evaluate them based on average pack size of a medium sized car; if you possess instead suv or van you will have to make a speech “ad-hoc”. Generally it should take into account the conditions that facilitate an appropriate, safe to your box: 250 centimeters wide, 500 centimeters in length and a driveway of about 450/500 cm. If you have need of a double garage, however, the factors to be considered will be additional and even more customized.

Next to “traditional” solutions in masonry, the construction progress of recent years have allowed the development garage elegant and functional, made ​​largely treated wood, similar to real “houses” to be placed in a garden or a courtyard area private. It is proposed that want to combine the best of elegance and convenience by offering a perfect shelter for any car . Prefabricated solutions are available in various sizes and lengths, all conform to the latest standards and adapted to any need: lots of space and aesthetic.