The carpets are part of the furniture of our house. Obviously, each carpet has a very specific function, therefore, when it comes to carpet, opens a wide choice. The choice of the same depends exclusively on the purpose, which can vary from simple doormat in front of the house, to the mat for the bathroom, to that for the kitchen, to that for small rooms, up to that of luxury as for example the classic Persian carpet. But here, in addition to various types, even a simple guide that will help you choose the right carpet for you and your needs.

The first thing to consider, as we have already mentioned, the choice of a carpet, is the function that must be filled. If it is a carpet that has to perform the simple task of collecting crumbs, drops of water and so on for the kitchen, you can choose between various types : the classic long conveyor belt of cloth that you can wash whenever it is deemed necessary, or a carpet less convenient to wash, perhaps more elegant but, once dirty, you have to bring in the laundry room, or worse, throw away or assign, for example, to the cellar.


Even in the case of the choice of the bath mat, you should choose the mats easy to clean and most importantly, they dry easily. It is a different method of choice if you were to buy a rug for the living room. In this case, since the living room, the main room where you welcome guests, you need to choose a carpet that is more suitable for these occasions. In this case you have to choose whether to opt for a classic and traditional Persian rug or similar, or choose a carpet in step with the times, such as the carpet color or even a shaggy carpet that these days it is very fashionable.

A substantial difference lies in cleaning: the Persian carpet vacuuming is sufficient so as to eliminate all dirt that accumulates. The shaggy carpet but it’s much more complicated to clean quickly. She is very hairy, the only vacuum cleaner is not enough. In this case you have to keep the air more often and throw with more power when the classic Provide regular cleaning. Of course, unless one treads better. A shaggy carpet is very suitable, for example for children’s rooms, which adore lie on the ground. The shag carpet, stand on soft.