When we need to change the kitchen sink or choose someone for a new property be it brick or wood furniture , for this element can opt for either one in stainless steel for the classic ceramic, the older generation and definitely highly recommended if you intend to set up a rustic kitchen . Let us see about that how to choose a ceramic sink for the kitchen.

Let’s start by saying that the ceramic sink can be either single or double bath and in both cases are accompanied by a plan of support always ceramic. With that in mind, we begin the description of the various types of sink ceramic kitchen analyzing the strengths, weaknesses and choosing features and colors.


When you make your choice of the right model, it also analyzes the magnitude of the single tank or two tanks. In both cases, they are available square shape of 35×35 centimeters and also from 40×40 centimeters. For those who want a greater breadth of the sink and take advantage of two large swimming pools, can then opt for the second compared to the first that is slightly longer and wider. In fact, while the first form that falls within the standard measuring 100×35 cm ( including bath ), the second has a length of 120 centimeters and the width of 40 cm including bathtub. The colors of the basin, are available in different shades and patterns and some of them also have special colors, in fact, there are with flowers and geometric designs in the classic colors of the tiles from Retrieve or the equally renowned in Sassoon and Debutant .

A sink in the kitchen of the classic type, however, the white porcelain which guarantees an excellent visual effect, whether mounted on a wood support on a brick. Hygiene is essential in the bathroom and in the kitchen for which the choice can only fall back on this color to represent the top from the point of view of this feature. If the furniture is set in a different way which is neither classical nor rustic, but based on a specific theme or a fully furnished kitchen with multicolored marbles, then in this case the choice of the sink can only fall back on the one with flashy models made ​​of marble chips of multiple colors and especially for the merit in that, are particularly expensive compared to basic models.