The coat is indispensable item in our house, in fact, serve to hang jackets and coats at the entrance, but we can also place it in different rooms depending on our needs. Here are some tips on how to choose a coat hanger design, practical but also aesthetically suited to the style of our house.

The coat hanger is an essential element in our house, especially at the entrance of the house where we and our guests have the need to support their coats. A model of the design will make it interesting to the furnishing of this environment, an object that will enrich this space and do not overfill it with an indispensable function. A clothes hanger can be useful in different areas of the house, such as the bathroom where we support towels and bathrobes in the closet where we need to place the clothes in the test or in the studio where we work and where we welcome our customers.

When we choose a coat we must first choose the model that best suits our needs and the space in which it is placed, taking into account the number of animals that will bring on average. Those in column or freestanding develop vertically, are composed of a central structure solid they are applied to the arms of which are suspended from the clothes. For these types we will need enough space to place them in order to benefit from the entire circumference, at least half a meter from the walls in order to avoid touching the plaster coats. In addition to the classical models of metal or wood, natural or painted, we find those lines and contemporary colors, with creative forms that resemble trees or with minimal elements, and lightweight synthetic materials such as plastic. If our house is in retro style we can choose a type vintage wrought iron, with ruffles and floral decorations. Let’s be careful to buy a stable model, which may lead many heads without tilting.


In the tightest spaces are preferred hanging on the wall , we can hang a unique structure with more hooks or opt for the modular elements to be arranged creatively on the wall hooks can have the classic mushroom shape, or we can choose the lines with original details and A creative way to use this type of coat is to create a decorative wall with stencils, such as a tree, and apply the hooks with the same color at the ends of the branches, for a fun effect and contemporary We may also give rein to our imagination by creating objects to measure: for example, insert the hooks on the frames to hang, simulating a work of art In humid environments, such as bathing, avoid using sensitive materials such as wood, which over time could be damaged.

An alternative to the traditional clothes are the ones to stand, where the clothes hanging will thanks to the hangers. We choose a model -resistant steel that can support the weight of coats, we also want to place the decorative hangers and original in order to make it interesting. If we want to protect from dust leaders use a coat hanger to the wall to place inside a wardrobe with doors and large: we can also use it to store a variety of clothes and objects.