If we have a bedroom not perfectly square and we intend to place a large closet , you can do so thanks to the so-called corner cabinets that are ideal to maximize space and can be purchased either in furniture or shopping for furniture or facts carry on measure based on the perimeter of the room . In this guide, then we try to identify how to choose a corner cabinet .

The corner cabinet is often hated because of the space that being deep, makes it difficult to draw a garment. However, when choosing the type of corner cabinet to buy will have to take several factors into consideration to make sure that the equipment is suitable for our needs.


First, we must measure the space available to determine the size and type of use. A typical cabinet with corner base, measures 36 inches deep and wide, with a right angle. The latter has the shape of a half moon with the rotating inner planes so that when you have to take an accessory you avoid digging in the closet and the shelf being rotatable we can turn to us comfortably. The angular cabinets instead have a fixed shelf and can be chosen with different types of angles including a 45 and 90 degrees. A closet with angle 90 degrees can also accommodate a rotating circle, which can be purchased in DIY centers and of course the choice is subject to the budget that we have. If we are interested in the practicality and aesthetics, and we do not give weight to the expense to deal with, then the choice is very wide angle of the closet white lacquered with modern forms that in a typical Venetian style or with decorations and gilded stucco on or lacquered white doors .

If the environment is particularly rustic or ethnic style, corner cabinets on the market, you can find already made ​​to fit and constructed with angles 45 and 90 degrees. Even in the bedroom of children, the choice of the cabinet corner is pretty vast and offers models with light wood cabinets or classic lacquered in bright colors (green, blue or pink) that much like children and adults. For angles are not perfectly synchronized, it is best to rely on a craftsman or furniture factories that with appropriate measures can make a corner cabinet even if the wall tends to be trapezoidal.