Choose a garage can be more complicated than expected if you are not careful on prices and you do not know well to bargain with the owner. Should therefore take the necessary time to evaluate everything and do not spend more than we have spent on our home, in this guide we will proportion. In then helps the driver to choose the best way the garage more comfortable, safer, cheaper and more suitable for your needs.

The first step is to understand what the demand of the garage is in the area where you intend to buy one. As you can imagine there is more demand the more expensive the price of each box will be on the market. Unfortunately, it is the law of supply and demand that unlike the laws mathematics is never exception. If the request box is very low, however, means that it is very easy to find parking and there is no danger of theft. If we are in such a situation we may well lower the price, because if 200 euro per month rent are good for a central area where parking is impossible to find the same does not apply to the periphery, where surely a box can not be worth more of 60-70 euro per month and can be purchased at a low price.


If you live in the middle of a big city and you need a box car at all, because the parking spaces are few and hard to find, then you have a good head for business and try to find the box that lets you spend less, although it will be very difficult. Alternatively you could prepare the ground for the garages that have prices often cheaper than garage, this is because the garages offer a service to benefit customers of the premises in the area, so do not have problems parking. This activity for the local could also return to your advantage if you know well tuned.

In practice, the garages are also daily rates better than the box private. For one night only pay an average of € 80-100 per month, saving at least 100. This saving is undoubtedly not negligible because these days keep the money that could be used for other things can not hurt. You should then take a trip to these garages near our area and agree with the owners to get the special prices for monthly subscriptions of day or night.