Gardener’s shed or multipurpose shelter, workshop or storage space under the term garden sheds are many models in various materials.

The choice of a building model and type of materials with which it is built is guided by several requirements, once the strictly regulatory resolved (including the consideration of zoning regulations and subdivision). In advance, many questions must be asked such as: what are the uses and purpose of the shelter? will there be or not scalable in the future? Is located or not in a sheltered from view? what time and what means can we spend on maintenance? can or should be accessed? what budget do we have?

The purpose and the vocations of the garden shed are decisive in the choice of model

While many manufacturers offer models of huts and shelters aspects of small cottage or cabin, these small frames are not original vocation of human habitation, but as a place of storage and (or) craft. The functionality in this case must be prioritized: the width of doors shall permit to enter and exit easily machinery and equipment (mower, garden chair), interior height allows storing large objects (umbrella, pole pruning) the location of, or window (s) can place an established well-lit, while leaving enough space to install shelves and hooks for hanging on the walls, the type of construction and materials allow the storage products and seeds, for example, protected from freezing or extreme heat, the ventilation is good while being controllable closure of the shelter is adapted to the need to protect themselves from possible theft or children’s access.


Rather than ask the simple question of the garden shed, it can also be very wise to think more broadly the needs of smaller support schedules at home, in connection with the car, children, the pool. As to a preliminary statement of work, or an application for building permits, as well enjoy it to achieve a combined development: a side garden shed, pool house on the other side, some garage, some tools to shelter; a closed cabin combined with an open shelter in the form of lean-to store firewood, stakes, the tiller; the hut on one side and away games with the other children, an extended greenhouse shelter.Conversely, if this is not a store or some garden tools and garden products, models of shelters in large and shallow facade are perfect and can lean against a wall . Small models are specifically designed to be installed without any authorization (2m wide, 1m deep and 2m high 2m80).

The garden sheds PVC or metal.

The PVC is very malleable, lightweight and requires little maintenance. The shelters are designed and the cheapest market and easier to mount. But not to regret having this type of purchase, we need to locate the shelter in the shade and in a place out of sight. Indeed, except to invest in a rigid shelter and treated against UV, PVC changes color over time and is generally unsightly.

The metal garden shed is made of steel or aluminum., Two quality materials that are durable with little maintenance. Aluminum does not rust and is a lightweight, easy to use, but generally cold winter and hot in summer. A shelter with a double wall thus allows better insulation. Steel is strong, subject to be treated well against corrosion to ensure him a good life. This material is declined in different colors.

The log cabin is perhaps the ideal garden shed

Irreplaceable, wood offers the best solutions, subject to choose the quality. A shelter made with simple wooden boards cheap, 15 mm thick and nested on only a few millimeters is the worst purchase ever. Indeed, wood is a “living” material which reacts with atmospheric conditions. Wood quality and assembly quality are crucial to ensure a solid shelter, beautiful and durable. Constructions can be made with wood 23mm thick (current models), but everything to gain by choosing thicker (46 mm for example) because the walls become real “walls” are capable of withstanding heavy elements .

The type of wood chosen also affects the durability, strength and maintenance. White pine, Douglas fir and require regular annual maintenance fungal. Woods or mountains in northern Europe (north of fir, larch) accept a maintenance every two years. There are also shelters built on the principle of timber frame, heavy duty, including noble gas such as oak. A UV-protective stain, waterproof, anti-xylophagous algaecides and provides all the protection against rain, frost, snow, attacks by fungi and insects, wood. But the advantage of wood is also being Customizable for every taste, from the paint, varnishes, tinted varnishes .