The man’s best friend is identified by the dog for years now. This animal is able to give to their masters affection, obedience, funny moments, companionship and usefulness in making the watch of the house. Many of our four-legged friends, the lucky ones, living in our gardens outdoors and, in spite of the dogs are more spurred the cold weather, winter, especially in the hours at night, the need for a kennel blanket becomes indispensable. The kennel can also serve as a shelter from the shadows in the hot days of summer seasons. But how to choose a house for our dogs?

The first aspect to be taken into account in the choice of kennel for our dog is the size. The size of the kennel are, obviously, the size of our friend on all fours. Pick one that can sleep comfortable. A piece of advice I can give you, if you have enough space in your garden, it is to buy a high and spacious inside which can hold even the bowl of water and food. If the size of your garden, on the contrary I will not allow you to take it just so that the dog can stay there lying inside even reach adulthood.


The material is another feature to keep in mind when choosing a kennel for your dog. In trade there are mainly in wood and plastic. In choosing this aspect takes over where you intend to place it, if in the sun or in a shady spot. The wood in my opinion is the best solution, it requires some hand painting after many years and nothing else. The plastic, on the contrary, especially if exposed to the sun may result, with the high temperatures, losing its rigidity. If you really want to choose the future home of your plastic dog make sure that the thickness of the material is large enough to allow a period in annul.

The last aspect to be considered are the openings and cover the main opening (the input port) will have, in addition to allow your dog to enter the shelter , possibly be closed with a push system, so that in case gales of rain does not allow water to enter inside. If the kennel is very large choice, choose one that has another opening in addition to the main one, in order to allow an exchange of air in the warmer seasons Finally boater those with the sloping roof, your dog will be grateful when, more hot days and turbid, you can crouch under the shadow of his pergola Choose it well, and always remember that .. It is better to have a dog for a friend … What a dog friend!