The kitchen cart is a piece of furniture that can meet various needs and can be used for different purposes (for example, the case of objects, the food pantry, storage of spirits and soft drinks, or it can simply be an embellishment for the kitchen). The full kitchen carts that allow a total organization of both the food items that are made ​​up of: a cabinet, the drawers, shelves and a minibar. In the following guide you will find the right advice on how to choose a kitchen cart.

If you frequently use some kitchen utensils (such as bowls, spoons, bowls, etc.) is indicated purchasing a folding card, as it promotes a workspace useful to rest your tools. If you need additional space to perform work such as chopping, mincing or slicing foods, buy a cart which presents a shelf with a large surface. In case your kitchen is small, a functional trolley with wheels is the ideal choice because it can be moved from one room to another with much ease and without too much trouble, also make sure that the truck must be equipped with a sturdy handle, to move with comfort and a stick of locking the wheels, for when you must deposit it.


If the goal of your kitchen cart is only for decorative purposes, they must present an open shelf (or shelving), in such a way that exposes the various objects you want to show. For example: If you have a collection of bottles of wine and want to corroborate, choose a card that has no built-in shelves and a small drawer to hold the caps or an embouchure always at hand, so as to provide extra convenience.

When the purpose of the choice of the carriage, represents only an aesthetic factor for you, to the moment you need to base your purchase solely on the appearance, choose the cart in such a way that it represents only a beautiful piece of furniture and satisfies parameters such as: the style of your kitchen, the brand and the materials of which it is made, for example, if your kitchen is in stainless steel , the cart must be present also in stainless steel .