The kitchen hood is necessary to eliminate fumes and vapors that are emitted during the cooking of food . And ‘necessary to ensure an environment free from annoying substances and pollutants. The hood must be chosen based on several criteria and must have the performance to ensure the well-being in the home . Although the design is a very important aesthetic factor . the choice can not be based only considering this item.

The first thing to check is that the hood display a mark Imq. The marking indicates that the hood has been subjected to the test due to control and therefore it is reliable from the point of view of safety that the efficiency. The cabinet shall have at least the same width as the cooktop and must be placed at the right height with respect to the hob. If the plan is gas, should be placed at 65 cm in height, and if the plan is electric will put to 75 cm. Another factor to consider is the suction power. To make a fair assessment, we must consider the number of people for whom you will have to cook, the size of the kitchen and the type of exhaust pipes. If the pipes are long or curves will serve a higher power.


Also the noise level must be assessed, since the greater the power of the hood, the greater the noise produced. In making the choice we must not forget that there are two types of hoods. If you choose a hood you should ensure that its flue is dedicated just to vent the fumes of the kitchen. The fumes are sucked in fact and vented outside, so if your chimney is shared with other equipment, there could be a return of noxious fumes into the environment. If you decide to choose a hood filter the air will be purified through the affixed filters and then replaced in the environment. If you do not have a chimney, this choice becomes obligatory.

The last element to evaluate the filters are usually the hoods are equipped with grease filters, which retains the steam and grease of cooking, protect the engine from wear and damage. These filters are metal, can be identified by their shape honeycomb and can be easily removed to be washed There are also synthetic type filters, but they are not recommended as these should be periodically replaced hoods filter also fits smell filters made ​​from activated carbon Also these filters must be replaced often to avoid the stagnation of odors in the environment once the active carbons have exhausted their effectiveness.