Before choosing the equipment and accessories for your kitchen, you will need to address four key issues basic: the availability of space, the style chosen, the budget you have, and finally the level of technology you want. How not to be groped by technological innovations in setting the space dedicated to the kitchen? Well! So let’s see how to choose a kitchen technology .

In the kitchen, the choice of equipment and accessories to be included, it must reflect a realistic and contemporary, lifestyle and personal needs and personal. In addition, it is essential, for what concerns the small appliances, identify equipment that may be useful and allow a saving of time. Every choice must reflect the preferences and needs of the household. In the kitchen, the lack of space, can affect the level of technology that it is possible to acquire. In these cases, the use of compact appliances (fridge and freezer, washing machine and dryer ), and maintains the degree of domestic comfort. Basically, a good blend of form and function, is able to give life to a modern, technological and comfortable.


We begin to set up our technological kitchen , taking advantage of a valid electrical system that allows you to connect, with no risk, all appliances small and large that will equip our kitchen. A good lighting plans of work, the dining area and the kitchen, will allow us to better manage the operations of the kitchen. Second, to optimize fuel consumption and the simultaneous illumination of several appliances, without incurring problems of insufficient energy supplied, we tend to buy appliances that have a higher efficiency preferring those placed in group A, this applies to refrigerators, and ovens, but also for any washing machines and dishwashers.

The cookers, extractor hood and oven , are those devices which are, in the kitchen, a leading role The stove will go to the family and appropriate to the needs of cooking, if you are many, and you like to cook, it is advisable use a stove with 6 burners and an oven of considerable size safety valves, and systems in accordance with, will ensure your daily work in the kitchen, exempting risks from the hood , allows the elimination of fumes, moisture, vapors and odors, which tend to disperse in the surrounding environment is recommended, anyway, the tallarne with a predilection for those who adopt pulling fans and with drainpipe outside.

In a kitchen technology, can not miss a microwave, although its operation is subject to criticism and discussion, (due to microwaves), its usefulness is undeniable, can reduce cooking times and achieve a healthy, fast times Finally, it helps us greatly in the operations of thawing. In choosing the oven, you can choose between the oven and the gas, although technology suggests that we use the electrical system, continue to appreciate the gourmet cooking gas oven which makes use of the flame, this ‘last manages to give the food a unique flavor and intense. In a kitchen technology can not miss a “source”, avail yourself of a small stereo , or installed in the house, a cable radio. Regarding the style of furniture, there is no doubt that the furnishings in steel, high tech environments confer tone, but the fact remains that we can use the style that we please still taking advantage of the best that modern technology can offer.