When you buy a new home, in addition to the style you have to definitely think about the quality of the materials with which deterred rooms. When it comes to furniture, lamps, kitchens, sofas, you must be always careful to choose the best things to have at home something that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but hard over the years. The kitchens for example, all look the same if not the design to distinguish them. In this guide, we will explain how to choose a food taste great and above all excellent quality kitchen.

quality kitchen

The cost for sure, it’s always a good indicator of quality. However you should know that design has a cost as the beautiful does not come without a team of designers working on an object! There are on the market, many kitchens as similar quality but different as price range. The kitchens proposals on the catalogs are priced generally relates to a composition type. If your kitchen is smaller surely cost more because it will be outside of this composition. Evaluate the costs compared to the same composition type will give you a rough indication, however on the comparison between the different qualities.

To understand the true quality of the food you need to observe live and read this note on the data sheets. Basically, other appliances, the kitchen are composed of two parts: structure and doors . The question that few people know, is that the structure and doors are often built by outside contractors who work for many brands. There is a great distinction between for example kitchens hand crafted solid wood and kitchens in panels coated with different materials or different types of finish . Distinguish the first is quite simple: the solid wood kitchens have veins, joints and nails. In this case Know exactly the type of wood and its resistance to moisture. Double check the flow of drawers and closing of the doors and ask for information on maintenance mode.

The kitchens of industrial production usually have a panel structure having a core which can be constructed with different materials. The type of material you can generally occur extracting a shelf where usually sides are not in fact finished. Extract the shelf check if the edges are made ​​with some care. Look at the finish and if all edges have been smoothed. Open the door, check the inner face and especially the connection between the color coating outside and the inside face, this is the weakest point of the leaf. Finally get to the data sheet and verify that the materials are free of formaldehyde and do not emit pollutants to the environment inside.