Buying and choosing a used refrigerator is a good way to give a touch of originality to the kitchen and also allows you to save money. In contrast, there is the fact that if you want to choose a refrigerator vintage original, recourse must be had to use. Keep count that a refrigerator that has been used for more than 20 years will never have the same efficiency of a newer model and may consume up to 33% more electricity. You can usually find one in stores appliances used in the ads of local newspapers and magazines or on the internet. Here’s how to choose a vintage fridge.

Measure the width, length and depth of the space in which you are going to put the refrigerator . Make sure before you buy, it’s just the right size so as not to get on a plane in the kitchen, because it is often not possible to return a used device. Leave an inch of space on the top and 2 inches on the sides. Determine how and in which direction you want to open the door. Most have the port or ports that can be adjusted to suit your needs, but some older models do not allow this.


Consider, also, the fact that a refrigerator that has been used for more than 20 years will never be as efficient as it is a newer model and can consume up to 33% more electricity . Inspect the door for a proper seal. If you put a sheet of paper between the door and the refrigerator, there should be some resistance when trying to pull out the paper. If it slides out easily, the seal may be worn out or the hinges should be adjusted.

Make sure all drawers and shelves are in good condition they can be removed for easy cleaning. Make sure that the warning lights and knobs are working properly. Check the temperature before you buy it, or else do it as soon as possible when you get home. The refrigerator temperature should be about 38 degrees F and the freezer at 0 degrees F. Remove the back cover to look at the cooling coils, they are located on the back or bottom, depending on the model. If there are any signs of damage or there is dust and debris-encrusted, it may cause excessive strain on the engine.