Choose a resin floor does not mean prefer a prefinished floor, ready for use in the conditions in which it is sampled. Means to begin a design process that leads, as a result, the implementation of a solution in your environment unique and unrepeatable, underlying the design and performance requirements desired by the client and the application process followed by the applicator. In this context, design a resin floor means considering: the benefits that the system should have the expectation desired aesthetic, the limits of economic investment , the environment and the micro climate in which you want to operate.

Only after a thorough evaluation of the variables mentioned above, you can continue with the definition and the choice of the cycle resinous appropriate, taking into account the needs of the customer. Dispelling a myth: the resin is not indestructible. It is a resistant material and not skilled machine, but it is not indestructible. Use any material from the floor is exposed to wear, more or less evident depending on the use to which it is destined. If in the industrial sector its aging is considered normal life of the floor, in the civil / commercial attrition aesthetic has a great weight, and can affect your decision to pose resinous material in their own homes.


Consequently, the greatest resistance to the purchase derive from fears of a practical nature. A resin floor should be lived like any other floor of medium resistance, such as wood and stone, with the important advantage complete impermeability of the uniqueness and aesthetics. The aging caused by scratches, abrasions, unforeseen deterioration of objects is an integral part of the product and, even if annoying, should be regarded as normal development of its life cycle. The signs of aging become more evident on floors, even colors and transparencies, on which even the slightest burr tends to stand out.

Not having its own body, the resin was mainly affected by the condition of the surface to which it will be stretched Broken, unsightly cracks and hairline cracks are not intrinsic to this material and descend in almost all cases by the movement of the base which is anchored to Carefully analyze the background and design an appropriate application cycle eliminates the major cause of problems after laying a laminate floor.