If we associate each home environment to a sphere of our inner life, the garden would definitely spiritual, because it represents the contact with ourselves in a neutral environment and placid, relaxed and natural. The place of interaction ideal for our introspective travel or astral, and that with his simplicity lulls us and allows us to hear the sound of our silence. As such, this place needs comfortable seating and relaxing, with an integrated design context. Among the several options of furniture in this guide will talk about the rocking, which encounters consensus of adults and children alike, with its oscillating make the sweet cadence. You need to be clear in our mind when we think of buying a rocking chair for the garden, prior to interface with the various business proposals.


We draw in general the functional organization of our garden, so as to create an organized environment, albeit informally. Often they end our evening out in the garden, especially in the warm evenings of summer. We decide in advance where to place our rocking whether we are opting for a mobile structure that for a fixed. The ‘ideal would be a secluded corner, possibly in the shade of a tree not too big or thick enough of a shrub with a panoramic view.

Secondly, we try to buy especially depending on the materials and their characteristics, bearing in mind that prices vary in relation to them. In the market, there are a large variety of products with a reasonable quality / price ratio. Let’s explore together different materials of the structure so as to orient the choice. The rocking aluminum is characterized by lightness and practicality, needs little maintenance, but over time is affected by rust; That plastic instead proves to be handy in cleaning operations, but it is particularly delicate and often with direct exposure to agents atmospheric loses the initial characteristics of color and elasticity . Finally, to classic teak or synthetic, which definitely has a touch of style more elegant and sophisticated than the previous. Furthermore, the synthetic track lends itself more easily to cleaning operations and is not subject to easy deterioration, for which it will retain better over time, compared to the natural one.

Once you have chosen the type of material of the structure we pass to that of pillows and fabrics In this case we prefer natural fibers and neutral colors that will be seen in direct contact with the body. I colored fabrics too bright will be affected by sunlight in a short span of days, And however, also washes would eventually discolor choose of removable cushions to facilitate the operations of washing, and always wash all together to avoid that there is a noticeable difference in wear between the The best materials are woven coarse linen and cotton, as they represent a smart choice in terms of health, beauty and strength.