The rocking chair is a particular type of chair equipped with a bottom bar that, thanks to its special shape , allows the rocking motion. Over the years, in the field of furniture is increasingly present a countless number of models suitable for inclusion in any living environment , external or internal to the housing. We see, then, how to choose in an environmentally sound way a rocking chair.

rocking chair

Once the chair rocking chair was considered the grandmothers. It was also used by women to breastfeed. Currently available in modern and classic models: are rocking chairs, wooden light to dark, other style Sabbi Chic white or CELESTINE from romantic lines and other swings of various kinds . The latter created modern or otherwise, very old. Depending on the type of furniture that we have adopted, we choose a model to match the applique for both color for that style.

In choosing the rocker we must also consider the size of the same. In the market there are models large capacity can support people sustained cuts and smaller models in size and seat real. Finally you can find small chairs for children suitable for rooms of the latter or inserted in your living room. We evaluate carefully the seat upholstery that is often not very consistent. Agree to buy the pillows that can increase the comfort of our rocking chair. The classic models available in the market are inclined back or back straight. In the latter case the seat is slightly more rigid. However much more convenient for those who have to get up easily. If rocking chair with wooden seat is essential to purchase well-padded cushions.

Some models are made in the old style, with a pair of wood and wrought iron, very suggestive in the genre. It is a very popular, although not always present in the home, it is good that it is comfortable. In the case does not meet this requirement. Finally, although not common, we can find of the rocking chairs very modern, classic either from the ground, which in the version to hang from the ceiling. An alternative proposal is suitable for indoor and terraces, patios and outdoor spaces. So we give vent to our creativity and expertise we choose with our rocking chair.