How to choose a perfect door armored both from aesthetic point of view, both from the point of view of safety. There are many models to suit different tastes and different budgets. We can choose a model made ​​out of scale, or design a card and having it built by a carpenter with the help of a locksmith. There are models suitable for outdoor use, and subject to the weather and the different climatic seasons, or ideal models for ports of entry into an apartment building.

The door armored, whether for a home or a business , rather than a professional studio should be, first of all, break-in resistant. It should make us feel safe at night as during the day or when we are out for longer. There are six security classes, each class provides a certain level of protection against the attempts of forced entry. For a port ensures maximum security this must be embedded in the walls of the house, then, against the frame must be bricked. The security door is a special combination of materials, we can say that this is carried out in layers. The most internal, in steel and the part visible commonly covered in wood.


Right on the inside we find all the elements that compose its strength against break-ins. The lock, cylinder and the sheets are tested by producers who release their efficiency class. A security door of one class only to resist attempts physical, that is, will not hold up to the attempts of burglary tools or mechanical means. It is therefore recommended. As we climb the class, the door withstands pressures, screwdrivers, drills and crowbars up to class six which guarantees a seal even against electric tools . This is commonly used in jewelry. A class five will be adequate to protect their homes.

Make sure that the lock as the cylinders that come out each outlet with the key have the CE marking and the warranty The warranty card must have voices precise: where it was manufactured, the class of security and does not contain harmful material or toxic. The exterior of application, can be bullet-proof coatings for armored doors from internal use , condominiums, can be safely wood, while for the doors for external use are preferred materials highly resistant to weathering such as aluminum or pvc Do not be fooled, they are the internal parts to ensure maximum security to our home or office.