Is a problem often overlooked in the management of space home: where to put the shoes? Contrary to what we are accustomed to believe it is not a minor problem and not just about the women suffering from compulsive shopping . Among boots , sneakers , loafers, also men and children contribute greatly to the growth of the collection . Avoid being overwhelmed by a mountain of shoes scattered ‘everywhere you can and today can be a great way to furnish your home, thanks to the design proposals that every manufacturer now offers on the market. The shoe rack today is not only functional and useful, but it is nice to see. Here are some tips to choose well.


The first thing to consider is space available at the point where you decide to place the shoe rack. If you have the habit of wearing shoes just to get out of the house, the perfect is the entrance. Whether you have an anteroom or a corridor, it is clear that the unit must be small in size, with special reference to the thickness. In this case there is help in the shoe to flap: are organized in blocks (the number varies a lot, but on average are available with three or five shelves), each of which opens forward and allows the placement of at least three pairs of shoes . By closing the door, the shoes are arranged vertically, reducing the maximum clutter. In later versions maintained these shoe racks have a shiny surface, aesthetically pleasing contours more or less square, which fits well with any decor and can be fitted with a drawer for accessories. Very interesting is the solution-coated mirrors, which, thanks to the play of reflected light, can give the illusion of more space. Unfortunately, this solution is not suitable to contain boots or footwear very delicate and allows to keep a limited number of shoes.

If you want to place the shoe rack in a room, the options available will broaden considerably among the models that appear as real solutions cabinets or modern wall units. Also in this case a reflective wall can be very useful and pleasing to see. The choice must still take into account some basic requirements: the structure must be such as to ensure a good exchange of air inside, allowing a good level of hygiene. Better to navigate for those with a perforated bottom.

If space allows you to equip each member of the family of its own door shoes, ideal solutions are modular: in practice parallelepiped that may be stacked if necessary and which are able to contain inside them both shoes and boots that double as a comfortable stool on which to lean to wear footwear choices. For the Chamber of children can think of tailor-made solutions or the same model chosen for the adults, but declined in bright colors to match their style.

There are also solutions that respond to particular needs. You have many sports and sneakers? The shoe that fits you looks more like a game than a piece of furniture. It looks like a hamster wheel and while being transported and then conveniently stows in a cabinet or a closet, it could well be left in plain sight. It’s called a rake and is produced by a Swedish company that for the moment only sells online and only in a few color variations. It’s a nice idea for the boys’ room, which can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes in a very small space: 33 x 75 cm.

Always pay close attention to the measures and keep in mind that the shoes of adults occupy a specific space: a No. 35 goes from 21.7 to 22 cm and a man from 46 to nearly 30 cm. If you use high-heeled shoes, calculated that over the stile, the measure is given by the upper and may vary from 5 to 10 cm. Boutique yes, but only if functional Always check the shoe rack, especially if very thin, contains an internal mechanism adequate and has a good capacity. In commerce there are some proposals able to contain in a very short space of up to 20 pairs of shoes.