You have just renovated the bathroom in your home or you are searching for health to complete your new home and do not know how to proceed to buy the best, or the ones that suit to the bathroom and your tastes? Well then here is a simple guide for you. In this case we will simply choosing a shower, to some extent, certainly much more practical of the bathtub, or you can combine the latter, in case you do not want to give up the convenience and benefits of a nice bathroom hot. So here’s how to choose the best books.

The first thing to consider when you are buying a shower, is to consider the space that can occupy. You must place it along a wall, in a traditional manner in a corner or the center of the bath itself (very original)? Whatever the response, is not sufficient. Consider the size. Unlike a few years ago, now the size of shower trays (and consequently the perimeter of the shower ), are very varied and adaptable to any need, from ’80X80 size more disparate. Choose more adaptable to the point where you need to install the shower.


Without the first step (choice of size and shape of the shower), you just need to launch you in the selection of the box that will be applied to it. You can opt for a simple apparatus of fiberglass, glass or glazed with walls, which provide a degree of privacy in the case in which the boat was “experienced” by several people simultaneously. Aside from this difference, we must consider also the convenience in cleaning. The frosted glass is less easy to clean, given the uneven surface that characterizes the type , while the glass, it needs to be dried properly after the end of each shower if you do not want to remain the stains of the drops.

Finally, a further evaluation is in the choice of the opening: a scroll or simply with the wing Even in this case, in addition to the aesthetic factor, one must consider the factor cleaning. In fact, even if sometimes the opening when the door cannot be chosen because of limited space, it is certainly easier to clean, unlike the scrolling that, inevitably, dirt accumulates in the points in which can not easily reach when the door nor nor is open when it is closed.