When we have a balcony or a terrace and we intend to close it or fence it, we can do it making a sliding glass door or a porch , so that you can open and close them in summer in winter, with the advantage that the glasses can give sunlight when it is present. In this guide, then we are going to give advice on how to choose a sliding glass door.

The sliding glass doors you can choose them in different materials, each depending on the environment where you have to place them and depending on the type of furniture with a terrace or a balcony . The windows also you can choose between a wooden frame, iron or aluminum anodized, and also if you opt for modern design , there are some who have no frame but simple knobs , attachment points are barely visible and very nicely decorated with stickers.


If the sliding glass door to a terrace is furnished in a simple way and you want to take care of waterproofing in the winter and make sure that it is able to provide for good ventilation in summer, you should choose the ones anodized aluminum available in both classic colors gold and silver lacquered in various colors. Of fundamental importance are the glasses, in fact, these are available screened, photometric and frosted. When a sliding glass door at the same time serves to cover and decorate a terrace, you can find on the market various types of glass even the mosaic, particularly suitable for rustic. The windows should be checked at the time of purchase because they need to ensure crash worthiness and comply with the safety standards, which generally accompany the material in-store sales.

As regards the system of sliding windows, the choice must be extended in respect of the supporting structure, in fact, there are some that allow to open compartments of different sizes, starting from that equal to a window (about one meter) or a balcony (two feet). Furthermore, the market offers windows with stained glass windows that slide one by one on a track and can be set aside only on one side of the terrace, leaving the entire area completely free, so ideal especially in the summer months. A sliding glass door can be chosen in different designs for balconies or windows where the limited space does not allow the opening of the doors to the outside or the inside. Again, you can choose a sliding glass door with frame or directly across transparent.